Sunday, 15 July 2018

Tracey Emin's Distance Of Your Heart

Hey ya! It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded to this blog (18 months to be precise) so I am now eleven! I still love art and I’m about to tell you how I found out about an awesome artwork displayed it Sydney.

When my mum and I were walking to Circular Quay from the Art Gallery of NSW we spotted the Obelisk of Distances (find out about the obelisk here), it looked interesting so we went to have a closer look. When we got closer we saw something on the railing around the obelisk. It looked like a small metal clump, but when I went to see what it was it appeared to be a small metal bird. Then mum said, ‘I think that’s Tracey Emin’s artwork’. Mum had seen a recording of a lecture about this artwork.

The first bird we saw (July 2018)
The next day we searched online for info on the artwork, and found a video on the City of Sydney website about it. It turns out the City of Sydney chose Tracey’s idea for the artwork from 700 entries to be displayed in a public spot. The artwork is called The Distance Of Your Heart. The idea was to have about 70 small bronze birds placed around Bridge Street and Grosvenor Street, near Circular Quay. After I watched the video, I searched for photos of some of the birds and there surroundings on the computer, then I took photos of the computer screen with the phone and took note of the objects around them. I now had portable notes that showed me what to look out for.

My notes (July 2018)

You can use these notes too.
Can you find this bird near Macquarie Square?
We then walked down Bridge street to see if we could find any. We found our first birds on the roof of the Museum of Sydney. Then we saw a few next to doorways and ledgers, on buildings and lamp posts. We counted about 10 the first day, then we went back the next day and looked for them again. We have found 22 birds in total so far.

Can you find these birds too?

Here's a clue, there are 6 of them.

The bird bath says, 'The Distance of Your Heart'.

I think this is a great idea for an artwork because it also doubles as a treasure hunt for kids.

It feels great to get back to blogging and I hope I’ll be seeing you soon, S.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas Update

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I haven’t updated on this blog for a while so on this post I’m going to roundup all the things I have done between now and my last post.

The 12th of November was my 10th birthday and it just so happens that the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) was having their 25th Anniversary cake cutting on the same day! And since they are quite famous they got the PM (the Prime Minister) to cut the cake! And since it was my B-day they got me to cut the cake with him! If you are one of my close friends then you have probably heard this story before.

On the 4th of December the Kids Committee had a christmas party where we played games, had christmas lunch and of course made art. It was really fun and if you have an arty family I recommend that you join the Kids Committee in 2017.       

On the 20th of December my mum, my mum’s friend’s family and I went to the Sydney fireworks at Darling Harbour. They looked very arty with all the lights and the water below. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Wishing you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year,S.  

Friday, 4 November 2016

New stuff at MCA

Hi everyone! Last Sunday my mum and I went to the MCA for a Kids Committee meeting about the Family Tours of the exhibition Today Tomorrow Yesterday and to try the Family Space that is based on a new exhibition called Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect With Everything. Tatsuo Miyajima is the first exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere for this artist. It's about numbers counting down from 9. At the end of it, it left me wondering. 
In the Family Space there is a room which has white circles on the floor that you jump on and when you jump on them they make a sound and draw a line on a screen and if you jump on them a lot the lines form a big prism. At a particular point the room goes dark and the white circles turn into lily pads and a recording of a guided meditation comes on and if you move on the lily pads they change colour but if you stay still they stay the same. In another room there is a magnet board where you can arrange magnets to create numbers and there is a camera that takes a picture of the magnet board every 9 seconds and plays the pictures really fast to make a stop motion film. In the same room as the magnet board there are tables where you can make light drawings by punching holes into a black circle of paper and you can contribute your light drawing to a shadow constellation by hanging it up with everyone else’s in a hallway near the room or you can take it home. And if you want to find out about the Family Tours or you want to book for one (if the tickets haven't sold out already) go here.  

I recommend going to TodayTomorrow Yesterday. 
I hope you liked this week's post. See you next time, S.
PS. I'm one of the two voices that you might hear for this exhibition on the MCA app! 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Today Tomorrow Yesterday Exhibition

Hello creators!!! Two weeks ago my mum and I went to a tour of the new exhibition Today Tomorrow Yesterday at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). At the exhibition there was an artwork called Untitled (Clock) 2014 which was a big clock that went twice as fast as  a normal clock. Also you could see how it works at the back of it and there is a small globe turning at the back as well. There was another work called Minyma Punu Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Tree Women) 2013. It was made by seven women living in the Tjanpi Desert. It is made out of bound grass, raffia, fencing wire, feathers and wool. In it there are seven figures. The figures are half tree half women.

Minyma Punu Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Tree Women)  

I really recommend going to this exhibition. I can't wait till next time, S.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

MCA Wall Labels

Ahoy there!!! On Sunday my mum and I went to the MCA for a Kids Committee meeting. First we went through the new exhibition, Today Tomorrow Yesterday, and the leaders asked us questions about the artwork. There were two people recording our answers to put onto wall labels. If you don’t know what wall labels are, they are the little white squares that are next to artworks in an art gallery. And the recordings will be on the MCA app that you can listen to as you go around the exhibition.
wall labels, Objects At Night (from AGNSW)
wall label, The Breakfast Table (from AGNSW)


I hope you like this post. see you next time, S.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

My First Magazine!

Hello! I’m back! I haven’t been posting on my blog lately because I have been working on something special. It is a kids magazine!!! This magazine is called Kids News, and I made it! It has got stories, activities, articles and so much more! And here it is.

I hope you like my kids mag (feel free to print it out!). Goodbye for now, S.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Things to try

Hi ya people!
I’ve realised that I haven’t posted for a few weeks now and also that I haven’t done many links to things you can try at home. So today I have picked three different things you can try at home to do with nature (I hope to try these this term). And here they are. They are all from the My Place website.

If you want more things to try at home I've done posts on how I made a Baba Yaga house and how I learned to draw manga characters and also how I made mini books.

This has been a short post but I hope you like this selection of things you can try at home and I hope everybody (in Australia) had a great school holiday. 
I know I did. See you next time, S.