Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Today Tomorrow Yesterday Exhibition

Hello creators!!! Two weeks ago my mum and I went to a tour of the new exhibition Today Tomorrow Yesterday at the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). At the exhibition there was an artwork called Untitled (Clock) 2014 which was a big clock that went twice as fast as  a normal clock. Also you could see how it works at the back of it and there is a small globe turning at the back as well. There was another work called Minyma Punu Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Tree Women) 2013. It was made by seven women living in the Tjanpi Desert. It is made out of bound grass, raffia, fencing wire, feathers and wool. In it there are seven figures. The figures are half tree half women.

Minyma Punu Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters Tree Women)  

I really recommend going to this exhibition. I can't wait till next time, S.

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