Thursday, 7 April 2016

Review of Wingecarribee Landscape Prize 2016

Greetings fellow art folk, today I’m going to do a review of the WINGECARRIBEE LANDSCAPE PRIZE. 
I went there last Friday because my mum entered this painting below. She worked really hard on it and I’m really proud of her.
Mum's painting
The painting I like the best is Farming Country by Helen Cameron. I like it because of the shading and it looks 3D.
Farming Country, Helen Cameron (detail)
I also like Giverney in Autumn by Margaret Debenham. I like the reflections and how plants and things are growing in the lake.
Giverney in Autumn, Margaret Debanham (detail)
Finally, I really like Urban Landscape - Bo Kaap by Sue Meredith. I didn’t know that the top of buildings could be a landscape. It made me think differently about landscape. At the opening of the exhibition I said to mum that I would buy this painting if I could.
Urban Landscape - Bo Kaap, Sue Meredith (detail)
Even though none of these works won first prize they still inspired me to do more art. And I hope they inspire you too.
Next week I'll post an interview with the winner of the Landscape Prize, Britta Stenmanns. I asked her about being an artist and she's given me some great answers.

See you next time, S.

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