Sunday, 8 May 2016

An arty Mother's Day

Hi guys, I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day!

I missed last week’s post so I’m going to try to do two this week.

I went up to the Art Gallery of NSW yesterday and I did a ‘painting a ceramic platter’ workshop as part of Art Club 2016. I really liked it because the teacher was nice and all the other kids there liked doing the same things I do. And it also meant that my mum got a Mother’s Day treat of not having to look after me for an hour and a half.

The workshop was based on the Tang exhibition. I had been to the exhibition before but didn’t get to see the special cave where you can see a tomb through a tablet and you can see all these pictures and particular objects on the screen. They turn 3D when you hold the tablet up to the wall. You can see what the cave looks like in this video here (Mum: The tablet showing the digital recreation is at 1:45).

There was a tour guide in there who was showing everyone the cave. She showed us the dancers that come to life in the animation and a harp that moves and plays a tune.

First we drew our ideas for the platter on a piece of paper. We had printouts of the objects and paintings in the exhibition. There was a gold dragon that looked like Mushu from Mulan 2. I felt that a dragon was a little bit complicated for me to draw so I decided to do a brown horse based on a horse in the exhibition. 
My design is a mix of three different artworks, actually it’s a mix of two artworks and a scene from a movie. The first thing was a brown horse which was a sculpture.

And also from the style of one of the paintings. I mostly copied the style of the eyes.

The reeds were from Mulan 2. I remembered a scene where you’re looking down and Mulan and her gang are walking across a path next to where farmers are gathering reeds.
And here’s a picture of the plate that I did. 

Of course, I gave it to mum for Mother’s Day.
If you haven’t seen the Tang exhibition I highly recommend it
Looking forward to next time, S.

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