Thursday, 2 June 2016

A drawing a day #2

Hi everyone! It’s raining where I live so we mostly stayed indoors today.
Welcome to my second post in the challenge I have set myself to do a drawing a day and post them here for one week (click here for yesterday's drawing).
Today I did a drawing of a city. I really like this drawing because I got the inspiration from one of my favourite TV skits. At first I wasn’t sure of what I was going to draw but then I did my inspiration trick of daydreaming and noticing something in the corner of my eye which makes want to draw what I see. 
I really like the detail I did in the white building in the middle.
The staircase through the window is inspired by a friend’s house. When you go to their front door you can’t see inside because the windows are blocked by stairs.
The top floor is an office, the floor below has the reception.

I hope you like my second drawing. See you tomorrow, S.

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