Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The MCA Zine Fair and review

On Sunday my mum and I went to the MCA for the Zine Fair. It was what I expected. Normally you see lots of artists sitting behind desks, waiting for customers to sell their zines to. A zine is a self-published magazine that is usually photocopied. Some have real information about how to help with life but others have cute cartoon drawings. 
A lady there called Ralpi was really clever and made it so the drawings on each page of her folded book connect up when you unfolded the book out to one page. I bought her book. It’s called Frank, the Long Necked Cat and she gave me another one called (little) Face Book. (little) Face Book has drawings of lots of faces with different emotions. 
I’ve been inspired by these books to create my own. One is called The Magical Swing and the other one is called The Animal Book which is filled with lots of drawings of animals. These books are not quite finished but they will be before the next zine fair which I hope to be in.
The stretched out book on the left is made by Ralpi and the one on the right is mine.
Also you might remember that I mentioned I was going to be doing an interview with the artist Jumaadi for the MCA blog. Well, here is the link to the finished product.

Till next time, S.

P.S. Here are a couple of videos showing how to make two types of folded books from one piece of paper:

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